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We've all come home after a long day at work, just hoping to relax. One of the best places to get away from the stressors of the day is your own backyard. At Villa Outdoors, we strive to offer our clients world-class outdoor patio furniture. Our inventory features a variety of products, all designed with durability and comfort in mind. Our all-weather wicker furniture boasts subtle color variations for a natural look, as well as superior resistance against fading and wear. Plus, rust-resistant frames give each piece the sturdiness you expect from high-end furniture. Learn more about our all-weather wicker furnishings, available across the United States.


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Collection: Unwind From the Day in Wicker

All-weather wicker is a synthetic material widely used for patio furniture and other items meant to live outdoors. While some wicker is made from natural fibers, these materials can warp, sag, and break if they aren't properly maintained after getting wet. All-weather wicker, on the other hand, is specially designed to stand up to the elements, rain or shine.

Whether you're in the market for a large patio set or something more compact, all-weather wicker patio furniture is always a great choice. While you could opt for a more natural material (wood often comes to mind), wicker truly has scores of benefits that make it stand out among other patio furniture materials. Here's why we recommend choosing wicker for your outdoor furniture:

  • Natural look

  • Fade protection

  • Rust-resistant steel frames

  • Low maintenance

  • Moisture resistant

  • Lightweight

  • Durability

  • Environmentally friendly

Another stand-out feature of handwoven wicker furniture is its ability to mix with nearly any style you could desire. Homeowners who love a rustic cottage feel will love wicker pieces, as will those who prefer to live in resort-style luxury. If you're designing according to any of these styles, consider adding a wicker patio set to your cart:

  • Rustic

  • Resort-style

  • Tropical

  • Modern/contemporary

  • Tuscan

  • Elegant

  • Transitional

Choosing patio furnishings is about more than just style—you want something cozy as well. Fortunately, Villa Outdoors' wicker collection has plenty of comfortable outdoor furniture to pique your fancy. Our sofas, sectionals, and armchairs come with luxurious cushions that you'll love relaxing the night away on. These cushions are resistant to fading, stains, and mildew and offer the same comfort you'd expect from indoor cushions.

One of the top benefits of choosing wicker furniture is the lack of tedious maintenance. When your patio is complete with wicker pieces, no longer will you have to worry about constantly cleaning your furniture or checking for mold growth. Maintaining your Bristol pieces is as easy as a quick wipe-down. Every so often, remove any dust and dirt that's built up with repeated use. Spot-clean dirt on cushions with a gentle furniture cleanser, and just like that, your furniture will be ready to enjoy again!

At Villa Outdoors, we've perfected all-weather wicker. Our modular outdoor wicker furniture in the Bristol collection is made to last and designed for all seasons of life. These pieces are perfect for those who love entertaining outdoors, as well as people who would prefer to unwind after a long day in the peace of their own backyard. Plus, Bristol Collection wicker furniture opens up a variety of layout possibilities and allows you to adapt your style over the years. Here's why we recommend trying out Bristol all-weather wicker:

  • Endless configurations

  • Adapt to smaller or larger spaces

  • Make room to entertain

  • Ability to change up layouts and styles as your preferences evolve

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that adage is certainly true when it comes to interior design. At Villa Outdoors, we know that every customer comes to us with a unique sense of style and a different list of priorities. To meet all kinds of lifestyle needs, we offer customizable patio furniture. You can mix and match pieces to create a personalized set that will work perfectly for your patio, style, and budget. Check out these reasons to go custom:

  • Save Money: Choosing a custom patio set is a great way to save money. You won't need to spend money on an entire set if there are pieces you don't plan to use. Instead, pull only the items that will work for your aesthetic.

  • The Perfect Match: It's difficult to find exactly what you envision in galleries, showrooms, and catalogs. But when you have the chance to customize your patio set, you can create a design that perfectly matches the idea in your head.

  • One of a Kind: When you go custom, you'll have something truly unique in your space. Many of our customers express pride in having a patio set unlike any other.

Customer service is among our top priorities at Villa Outdoors. We want to make the shopping experience as simple as possible. After all, redesigning your outdoor space should be fun! Our team is proud to offer fast and reliable shipping from our warehouses across the United States. No matter where you are in the contiguous 48 states, your order will arrive within 15 days or so after processing is complete. No hassle on your part—you'll simply pick out your favorite set and sit back while we work the magic!

Reach Out to Our Team Today

Have a question about the Bristol Collection or how you can get all-weather wicker furniture delivered straight to your door? Don't hesitate to contact the Villa Outdoors team. Our customer service professionals are happy to address any concerns and make sure your purchasing process goes smoothly. It's amazing what a few new patio furnishings can do to spruce up your space!