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The Bristol Collection is made with all-weather resin wicker, handwoven around steel frames. The steel is powder-coated with a protective film to ensure its weather-resistant properties. The seat cushions are made from fade, stain, and water resistant olefin fabric. Both frame and fabric are warrantied against any defects for up to 1 year. 

Our Parker Collection's frame is made from 100% rustproof aluminum and powder-coated with a protective chip-free finish to prevent fading. The cushions on the Parker outdoor patio furniture collection are covered in weather- and fade-resistant olefin or Sunbrella® performance fabrics. We guarantee the frames integrity for up to 3 years; olefin cushion fabric for up to 1 year; and Sunbrella's industry leading 5 year warranty. 

We've been in the business of patio furniture for over three decades. Some might consider us experts on the subject, but we just have the experience of trial and error!

The Bristol All-Weather Wicker patio sets are engineering perfected. Our parent brand, SunVilla, developed specially-engineered resin wicker, Circa, that offers the look and feel of authentic wicker, without the splintering to deterioration that occurs when left outside. Our wicker patio sets all feature this weatherproof wicker rattan to encase a rust-resistant treated steel frame. Because the weave is so tight, water, dust, and dirt have a hard time making their way through. Our Circa wicker naturally repels water - so it's perfect for any outdoor patio set!

Our Parker set is constructed from Rustproof Aluminum. Rustproof? Yep! One of the characteristics of Aluminum is that it does not rust. Aluminum is the highest standard material when it comes to patio furniture; it's lightweight and ultra-durable. They make airplanes out of it, so it has to be! We take it an extra step to ensure that the finish we apply is also protected by powder-coating each frame and hand-painting the stunning wood texture to each piece. When you get a set, you'll notice subtle variations in the texture - it's our skilled craftsmen who hand apply each and every wood grain!


When an order is placed, it is processed within 3-5 business days. From there, shipping takes approximately 10-14 days depending on your location within the contiguous United States.


We believe in making the patio furniture buying process as easy as possible; that's why we offer free shipping for all orders placed in the contiguous 48 United States. Contactless, curbside delivery is included in our Free Shipping policy

We know the worst part of getting new furniture is assembling it. That's why we made it as easy as possible!

We love our Bristol Wicker patio furniture because it is the easiest by far to set up: Your modular patio sofa or sectional arrives at your doorstep and all that's required is pushing them together and placing the cushions! Just like that, your patio space is complete! Absolutely no assembly required.

For our Aluminum Parker Collection, only our stationary pieces require a tiny bit of assembly on your end. Single-piece sofas, loveseats, armchairs, and tables have an innovative twist-knob that just needs to be tightened in key spots to assemble your Parker Patio Set. Our parent company perfected these years ago so that they don't come loose with use.

All of our other Aluminum Parker sets, specifically our modular configurations, don't require any assembly. Just arrange how you want your new outdoor set to live in your backyard, and you're done!

We're all human, so if you find yourself having any issues, please feel free to reach out to us at

We've designed our patio furniture sets to be low-maintenance while still retaining their looks season after season. A simple solution of mild soap and water should be sufficient to properly clean your patio furniture. Allow to air dry or wipe down with a clean, dry cloth.

Both Olefin fabric and Sunbrella® fabric are great for any outdoor application. Both are resistant to weather, fading, and extremely easy to clean.

Olefin is soft, lightweight, yet very strong and durable. It's made from plastics that are extruded through a fancy machine to make fibers that are spun into yarn. During this process, dyes are added to give the Olefin its color - because this is done during the extrusion process, Olefin is one of the few textiles that can be cleaned with bleach without the risk of ruining the fabric! Olefin resists mildew, chemical stains, abrasion, fire; it resists fading and does not absorb water.

Sunbrella®, on the other hand is one of the top performance fabrics in the industry. It's made with their proprietary Sunbrella® Solution Dyed Acrylic. Similar to Olefin, Sunbrella fabrics are soft to the touch, very durable, and make the perfect upholstery option for outdoor furniture. Sunbrella fabrics are mildew-resistant, resist fading, and manage moisture build up very well. Likewise, Sunbrella fabrics are easy to clean with soap and water, and, yes, you can use bleach on them just like Olefin.

Of course! Actually, we encourage our customers to "play" with their furniture arrangements. All of our modular furniture sets don't require any assembly, so placement is totally up to you! We designed each configuration to play well with others, go ahead and take that armless piece and make an extra-long sectional side! Let us know how you configured your set by sharing it on social media - tag your post with #realvillabackyard

We pride ourselves on the durability and strength of our furniture, however there are some limitations.

The Bristol Collection's weight limit is 225 lbs per seat.

The Parker Collection has a weight limit of 250 lbs per seat.

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